Wirtz Farma Flea Spray - 400 Ml
Fleas are difficult to get rid of as only 1% of the flea infestation occurs on your pet. The other 99% is in their bed, on the carpet, in cracks and crevices inside your home! Moreover, fleas reproduce rapidly so entire populations can increase exponentially in short periods of time. The most common reason for being unable to rid pets of flea infestations is that the surrounding environment hasn't been treated and that is exactly where fleas hide! Remember, it is not enough to just treat your pet for a flea infestation but treat their surroundings at the same time!The Flea & Environment Spray by Wirtz Farma contains Permethrin (0.25%) and Tetramethrin (0.05%) and is suitable for indoor use to combat fleas and other bugs. Spray it in cracks and crevices that you think fleas might be hiding in and it will remain active for four to six weeks. Can be used preventatively.

Content: 400 millilitre (€3.14* / 100 millilitre)