AA Vitamine B Complex - 100 Tablets
Vitamin B is essential for the enzymes that regulate the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Having too little vitamin B in the body can cause digestive problems, among other things. AA Vitamin B Complex tablets help regulate vitamin B levels in the body.-This is an automated translation-Composition The tablets of AA Vitamin B Complex consist of: vit B1 100 mg, vit B2 20 mg, vit B6 100 mg, vit B12 0.5 mg, folic acid 10 mg, biotin 10 mg. Excipients: corn starch, cellulose, Na-gluconate, Mg-stearate and yeast as flavouring.Storage conditionsStore AA Vitamin B Complex tablets in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date shown on the packaging.

Anibidiol Plus # reserve 30 Sachets
Anibidiol by Virbac is a supplement for dogs and cats and contains hemp oil with CBD. It also contains vitamins B6 and B3 to support the nervous system and help with fatigue. Anibidiol contributes to well-being by supporting the immune system.Supplement containing hemp oil (with CBD). Also contains vitamin B6, B3, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. Supports animals with behavioural problems (older animals with behavioural changes). Supports animals with signs of ageing. Supports animals with reduced vitality. Supports the immune system.-This is an automated translation-

Beaphar Algolith - 500 Gr
Beaphar Algolith is a seaweed-based supplementary feed for dogs, cats, birds and rodents. Beaphar Algolith (seaweed) is a natural seaweed meal that contains relatively high percentages of vitamins, minerals and trace elements (e.g. iodine) due to its special preparation. Seaweed gives a beautifully shiny coat/feather coat and healthy skin from the inside out.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 500 gram (€2.51* / 100 gram)

Beaphar Gistocal - 500 Gr
Beaphar Gistocal is a vitamin and mineral mixture for pet animals and ornamental birds. Gistocal contains easily absorbable calcium/phosphorus compounds, yeast ingredients, essential trace elements (cobalt, iodine, copper, manganese, iron, zinc), vitamins A, D3, E and various B vitamins. It stimulates growth and vitality of the young animal. Gistocal is also an ideal supplement when preparing food for adult animals. In animals fed cod liver oil, vitamin A or D via other preparations or a 'complete feed', Gistocal is not recommended.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 500 gram (€2.09* / 100 gram)

Variants from €9.55*
Catoils Vital - 100 Ml
Catoils Vital is a uniquely formulated oil which contributes to the good overall health of your cat!Until recently, fats had a bad reputation. To keep your cat healthy, it was therefore recommended that its fat intake be reduced. Recent studies have called for an adjustment to this recommendation. Although excessive fat consumption can be harmful, recent research has shown that for a healthy balance "good fats" are essential to a proper diet, for both animals and humans. Among those "good fats" are Omega-3 and Omega-6.Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of EPA and DHA are essential for a healthy balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Because many cat and dog foods have a high Omega-6 content, the essential fatty acid Omega-3 (which cats and dogs are not capable of producing) must be added in to the food manually.Catoils Vital for cats is a concentrated fish oil containing EPA/DHA. This product is specially developed for overall good condition, healthy skin and coat and healthy joints in cats.

Dermazyme Zinc - 50 Tablets
Dermazyme Zinc (formerly: Zinpro) is a dog and cat supplementary feed based on zinc methionine, vitamins A and B to help the skin and replenish zinc deficiencies.-This is an automated translation-

Megaderm - 250 Ml
Megaderm is a tasty food supplement for cats and dogs based on essential fatty acids, zinc and vitamins. Megaderm promotes a healthy skin and coat.

Content: 250 millilitre (€9.32* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €17.05*
Nutri-plus Gel - 120 Gr
Virbac Nutri-plus Gel is a palatable and energy-rich supplementary pet food for dogs and cats. The paste contains important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is an energy-rich food with highly digestible components to support dogs and cats with high energy requirements. The special palatability of Nutri-Plus makes it an easy-to-use product and can help with reduced appetite. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 120 gram (€14.63* / 100 gram)

Optixcare L-Lysine Chews - 60 Pieces
L-Lysine is a supplement to support the resistance of cats and kittens. L-Lysine is an essential amino acid and has many useful functions, including suppressing the feline herpes virus. Thus, it ensures that your cat's resistance is optimal. A good resistance reduces the risk of infection and suppresses the development of the virus.-This is an automated translation-

Phytonics Immu Boost Pro - 50 Ml
Phytonics Immu boost is a complementary feed that supports your horse's immune system in situations when needed, such as during competitions. It is also used to support when the seasons change, specifically in spring and autumn. For cats and dogs, it can be used to boost resistance for vitality and more energy.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€58.30* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €27.30*
Phytonics L-Lysine Comp Dog/Cat - 100 Gr
Your dog or cat's immune system can become weakened for various reasons. It is important to support your pet's weak resistance. L-Lysine Comp from Phytonics can contribute to this through its essential ingredients. L-Lysine is important for tissue growth due to its collagen-forming properties and ability to absorb calcium. Vitamin B6 and Vit C are co-factors for the absorption and intracellular action of L-Lysine. The product is suitable for cats and dogs.-This is an automated translation-

Phytonics Multivit Dog/Cat - 100 Gr
Phytonics Multivit is a balanced, easy to administer food supplement suitable for everyday use. This complex strengthens, improves vitality, stimulates endurance and increases performance. It has a beneficial effect on overall health and vitality. It supports and protects healthy cells and tissues, and the added minerals maintain acid-alkali balance (pH) and body hydration. Also suitable as a structural constituent of various tissues, as a constituent of certain enzymes and hormones, and as a catalyst in a number of bodily functions. The absorption of certain nutrients is promoted by minerals.

Phytonics Prost-aid - 50 Ml
Phytonics ProstAid is a complementary animal feed that helps maintain proper prostate function, ensuring that the prostate maintains its normal size. The prostate is a gland of the male sex organ and surrounds the urethra. The prostate enlarges as an animal ages. This happens under the influence of hormones. When the prostate is very enlarged, the animal will suffer from it, defecation becomes more difficult and the stool is sometimes flattened. Because the animal has to push hard, there is a risk of a perineal hernia. Phytonics ProstAid can be used to maintain the normal shape and function of the prostate and in cases of prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic hypertrophy and prostatic cysts as well as hypersexual behaviour of the male dog.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€54.10* / 100 millilitre)

Phytonics Respi Comp - 50 Ml
Phytonics Respi Comp is a complementary animal feed that can provide support for acute and chronic discomfort of the anterior and posterior airways of dog, cat horse and pony. Airway problems can have several underlying causes. Environmental factors play an important role, such as stays in dog/cat boarding kennels and stable management in horses. Respi comp has a cleansing and soothing effect on the airways. To be used in acute and chronic problems of the front and back airways, such as tickling in the throat caused by kennels, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, influenza and hypersensitivity to dust, for example.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€59.60* / 100 millilitre)

Puur L-Lysine - Dog/Cat - 50 Gr
Puur L-Lysine is a food supplement for cats and dogs with reduced resistance. L-Lysine is an amino acid, which is important for the production of elementary bodily proteins. In addition, it promotes growth and supports the tissue thanks to its collagen-forming qualities and its ability to absorb calcium. The added Vitamin B6 supports a healthy immune system. In addition, Vitamin B6 supports the body's ability to absorb L-Lysine.Indications Reduced resistance. Recovery period after illness or surgery. After vaccination. Change due to new environment. DosageAnimal1 - 2 x daily (1 scoop contains approximately 1g)Cat (chronic symptoms)½ scoopCat (acute symptoms)1 scoopDog < 10 kg¼ scoopDog 10-25 kg½ scoopDog > 25 kg1 scoop

Content: 50 gram (€27.10* / 100 gram)

Puur Resistentia - Horse - 300 Gr
Puur Resistentia is a mix of herbs supplemented with the amino acid L-Lysine and the mineral zinc citrate, essential substances for the development of good physical and psychological resistance. This herbal formula supports the natural immune system and is suitable for administration after illness and in times of stress and fatigue. It can also assist with training and in order to improve performance.Indications (Acute) reductions of resistance.. After vaccination. Poor skin and coat condition. Overweight animals. Animals coming into a new environment (from abroad, young animals). Stress (e.g. kennel visit).Contraindications During pregnancy and lactation, always consult your veterinarian before use.

Content: 300 gram (€17.67* / 100 gram)

Variants from €28.80*
Puur Vita-min - 250 Gr
A healthy immune system is one of the ingredients for a healthy life. To maintain optimal resistance, it is necessary for dogs and cats to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts. However, sometimes a dog or cat can use just a little extra resistance. For example, when gaining strength or during the change from summer to winter coat. Puur Vita-min contains a balanced composition of all necessary vitamins and minerals which contributes preventively to a good resistance and thus a healthy immune system. It is an excellent supplement to the food, for example for older dogs or puppies (during pregnancy and lactation, only administer after consultation with the treating vet).-This is an automated translation-

Content: 250 gram (€10.36* / 100 gram)

Variants from €17.05*
Seraquin Omega Dog - 60 Tablets
Seraquin Omega is a supplement to support joints. This is thanks to the strong combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric. Seraquin Omega now also contains omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that contribute to healthy joints and cartilage for good mobility. The addition of omega-3 fatty acids helps your dog or cat move smoothly. It supports your pet when standing up and walking and playing. The fatty acids are derived from the oil of sustainable ocean fish.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €22.00*
Trovet Balance Vms Dog Cat - 250 Gr
TROVET Balance VMS is a complementary, hypoallergenic vitamin and mineral mix for dogs and cats with skin complaints or nutrient deficiencies when following a non-complete or self-formulated (diet) diet. A balanced diet with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals the dog or cat needs promotes healthy skin and coat. If one chooses to put together the dog's or cat's diet himself, it often happens that the animal needs just a little more to obtain and maintain its optimal condition. In case of a non-complete (diet) diet or when composing a (elimination) diet yourself, TROVET Balance VMS is a good way to supplement the animal's required vitamins and minerals, in optimal proportions. TROVET Balance VMS is a hypoallergenic product. This means that dogs and cats that are fed a compound diet due to food-related dermatosis (skin complaints) or have a hypersensitivity can use this product. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 250 gram (€7.16* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care - Energy - 120 Gr
Vetoquinol Care Energy (previously Calo-Pet) is an energy-rich food supplement in the form of a tasty gel supplemented with vitamins and minerals. It helps your pet in the event of a deficiency of specific nutritional ingredients.Vetoquinol Care Energy has a low protein content and high energy content, and therefore provides an adapted energy supply before and after general anaesthesia, among other things. Vetoquinol Care Energy is a tasty food supplement and is readily accepted (even with loss of appetite). At the same time the supplement stimulates the appetite and increases the amount of food consumed. The gel is supplemented with vitamins and minerals.Indications animals that have to deliver top performance.. animals lacking vitamins or minerals.. support after illness or surgery.. preventing conditions associated with a lack of nutritional ingredients.. exhaustion..

Content: 120 gram (€14.21* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care - Hairballs - 120 Gr
Hairballs occur during grooming. Mainly long haired cats and indoor cats are susceptible to the formation of hairballs. The cat licks up the hair while grooming and swallows it. This hair tangles up in the stomach and forms a hairball. After some time the hairballs will irritate the stomach. The hairs that your cat swallows can block the digestive tract. This tasty gel lubricates the ingested hair which makes it easier to pass through the digestive tract.Vetoquinol Care Hairball Care Gel is a food supplement for cats that lubricates hairballs and ensures smooth passage. The tasty gel with fish flavour prevents hairballs and stops the formation of new hairballs by coating individual hairs.Regular use of Vetoquinol Care Hairball Care Gel can prevent your cat from accumulating hair in the digestive tract as the gel prevents the hair from tangling into a hairball.

Content: 120 gram (€14.21* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care Enisyl-F - 100 Ml
Enisyl-F contains the essential amino acid L-Lysine. People and animals cannot produce L-Lysine for themselves, so it should ideally be included in their diet. L-Lysine is one of the essential amino-acids and has many useful effects. It can help to increase resistance to infection. Proven effects of Enisyl-F include fewer clinical symptoms, reduced viral excretion, less frequent relapse in carriers of FHV-1.

Vetplus Samylin Dog > 30 Kg - 30 Sachets
The liver plays an important role in many body functions such as metabolism and storage of nutrients, digesting fats and regulating the immune system. A feature of the liver is that it has a good storage capacity. The liver protects itself by using a complex system of antioxidants. -This is an automated translation-Composition Cat/small dog up to 10 kg - S-Adenosyl-L-methonine: 75mg, Vitamin E: 25mg, Vitamin C:12.5 mg, Milk thistle extract: 10 mg.... Medium dog 11 to 30 kg - S-Adenosyl-L-methonine: 300mg, Vitamin E: 100 mg, Vitamin C: 50 mg, Milk thistle extract: 40mg.... Large dog - S-Adenosyl-L-methonine: 400mg, Vitamin E: 133mg, Vitamin C: 66mg, Milk thistle extract: 53mg.

Variants from €48.95*
Virbac Nutribound Dog - 3 x 150 Ml
Nutribound from Virbac is a highly palatable, low-calorie liquid solution that provides support for recovery. Developed in collaboration with veterinarians and nutrition experts, Nutribound is composed of essential ingredients that support recovery in companion animals from the start.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 450 millilitre (€6.10* / 100 millilitre)