Bach Rescue Creme - 30 Gr
Bach Rescue Cream can provide support to skin affected by sunburn, insect bites or an accident. The cream is also good for scuffed, rough or chapped skin. The Rescue Cream and Rescue Gel have the same ingredients as the original Rescue, with the addition of Crab Apple, known for its cleansing properties.

Content: 30 gram (€48.33* / 100 gram)

Bach Rescue Spray - 20 Ml
This Rescue Spray from Bach helps keep/become calm for your pet in difficult situations. The spray is 100% natural and will come in handy in emergency situations! When your pet is very frightened or panicked you can administer this spray through the mouth/mouth, on the nose or on the paws, claws or ears. This way, it is absorbed into the body through the mouth or skin.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 20 millilitre (€150.00* / 100 millilitre)