Beaphar Cat Litter Deodoriser - 400 Gr
Beaphar Odour Eater absorbs urine immediately so the litter box will not smell unfresh. The structure of the pellet traps the urine so the smell cannot escape. Subsequently the urine is broken down by natural bacteria which also eliminates the urine smell and keeps the litter box hygienically clean. Beaphar Odour Eater extends the lifetime of the cat litter up to 2x. The Odour Eater is biodegradable and completely safe for cats.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 400 gram (€2.26* / 100 gram)

Katkor - 200 Gr
Katkor is a cat litter pellet that does not absorb moisture and is therefore very suitable for collecting urine samples. With these pellets, you can collect urine yourself for urinalysis for the different types of bladder stones, specific gravity, blood, protein etc by your vet. On the other hand, if the urine needs to be obtained for bacteriological testing, it is recommended to have this done at your vet's office. Katkor can also be used when collecting stool for examination for worm eggs and digestive indicators, among others.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 200 gram (€2.90* / 100 gram)

Yarrah Organic Clumping Clay Cat Litter - 7 Kg
Certified Organic Clumping Clay Cat Litter by Yarrah is a cat litter made from 100% organic clay. The clay is super absorbent and turns faeces into clumps that can be scooped out immediately, reducing the need to change the cat litter. The added organic oils reduce odour to an absolute minimum.No chemicals, perfumes, detergents or the like have been added to the cat litter. These hard, dry, odour-free, dust-free and fine pellets are environmentally friendly and can be used as compost in your garden.The performance of 1kg of Yarrah organic cat litter can be compared to 2kg of a regular filling.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 7 kilogram (€2.04* / 1 kilogram)