PhytoTreat Mellodermal Honey Ointment Indoor - 100 Ml
Mellodermal from PhytoTreat has a soothing and protective effect on wounded and irritated skin. Honey and medicinal plant extracts in Mellodermal support the body's natural healing ability and quickly reduce irritation. Honey promotes wound healing, and the dark buckwheat honey in Mellodermal is selected for its antibacterial potency and anti-inflammatory properties. The affected skin is cleaned quickly, accelerating the recovery process. Mellodermal also contains plant-derived substances adjusted for application on the skin. These substances have a positive influence on the immune response, which plays an important role in the development of inflammatory reactions. The essential oils also deter parasites.NB: Mellodermal Outdoor (NOT FOR CATS!) contains a higher concentration of clove oil, known for its analgesic effect, and is effective against the irritation accompanied by skin problems. It also protects against undesirable external elements.

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