Allercalm SIS Shampoo - 250 Ml
Allercalm from Virbac is specially formulated to clean and soothe sensitive skin. The shampoo supports the skin's natural defences, balancing its natural oils and moisturising. Oatmeal has calming, beneficial properties for red, sensitive skin. Spherulites are multi-layered, microscopic spheres which provide a slow and prolonged release of active molecules. Chitosanide is a biodegradable biopolymer that helps the spherulites attach to the skin and hair, and also has a moisturising effect.Indications Virbac Allercalm is an itch-relieving shampoo, for the prevention or treatment of sensitive skin. It is also suitable as a maintenance shampoo or for regular washing of animals with normal skin.

Content: 250 millilitre (€7.42* / 100 millilitre)

Allermyl SIS Shampoo - 250 Ml
Allermyl Shampoo contains Omega-6 fatty acids which contribute to skin recovery, and monosaccharides and vitamin A help to reduce inflammation. Piroctone olamine reduces existing secondary skin infections. Allermyl Shampoo can also be used for pets with flea, food, or contact allergies.

Content: 250 millilitre (€9.00* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €18.55*
Beaphar Multi-Vit (Laveta) - 50 Ml
Beaphar Multi-Vit with taurine for cats contains Taurine in addition to vitamins B and E. Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats, which means that a cat cannot produce it itself, or cannot produce enough of it, but needs to get it through its diet. Beaphar Multi-Vit with taurine is such a complementary pet food that contains taurine. A cat needs taurine to prevent damage to important organs such as the eyes and heart.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€22.10* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €8.30*
DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo - 230 Ml
DermAllay Oatmeal shampoo is a gentle, soap-free shampoo for relief from irritated skin. Oatmeal contains ceramides that help repair damaged dry skin. Colloidal oatmeal restores moisture and has a soothing effect to reduce itching. Safflower oil has an extra moisturising effect. This composition makes it an ideal shampoo. When the animal does not need to be washed but you still want the itch-reducing, moisturising properties, there is the DermAllay Oatmeal spray conditioner for on the dry or wet coat.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 230 millilitre (€10.89* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €24.00*
DermAllay Sensitive Shampoo - 230 Ml
DermAllay Sensitive Shampoo especially for sensitive skin in dogs and cats. DermAllay Sensitive Shampoo is a mild coconut shampoo. Coconut has moisturising (hydrating) properties while providing a fresh scent. With dermAllay sensitive, dirt is effectively removed without drying the skin, leaving an easily brushed soft coat. This mild shampoo is also very suitable for puppies and kittens.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 230 millilitre (€9.04* / 100 millilitre)

Easypill Hairball Cat - 20 x 2 Gr
Easypill Hairball for cats is a food supplement for cats. It softens the stool, lubricates the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the regurgitation of hairballs in cats.EasyPill Hairball has an excellent flavour and is very appealing to cats. Give an adult cat 2 balls, twice daily, for 3-5 days and provide fresh drinking water. One package contains 20 balls weighing 2 grams each. A package is sufficient for 5 days.

Content: 40 gram (€41.63* / 100 gram)

Espree Paw Balm - 44 Ml
Espree Paw Balm contains pure lanonin, beeswax, Vitamin E and Arnica Montana. This makes it a unique product for total care of cats' and dogs' feet, making them less sensitive to heat and cold. Also provides a protective layer on long walks.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 44 millilitre (€34.77* / 100 millilitre)

Espree Shampoo & Conditioner In 1 - 355 Ml
Shampoo and conditioner from Espree in 1.A combination of coconut, Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Jojoba.This specially formulated, basic shampoo and conditioner in one is quick and easy to use and also has a delicious fruity scent.Cleans and conditions the coat and makes it easily combable.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 355 millilitre (€4.31* / 100 millilitre)

FURminator Katze DeShedding Tool - Long Hair Cat Large
The FURminator for cats are patented combs designed to reach deep under the topcoat to gently remove the undercoat and loose hair there. These FURminators are specially designed for coats that are shorter than 5 centimetres and are available in two different sizes for optimal results and faster, more efficient reduction of shedding. The FURminator is also available for dogs, horses and small animals.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €26.85*
Malacetic Shampoo Equine - 473 Ml
MalAcetic is a crystal clear, soap-free, fragranced shampoo with the scent of cherry blossom that is pleasant to use. Its unique natural formulation with acetic acid and boric acid is used for special cleansing and care. Malacetic shampoo, wipes and spray conditioner can be used in combination with each other. The shampoo contains 2% acetic acid and 2% boric acid. Also contains Sodium laureth sulphate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide and fragrance enhancer.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 473 millilitre (€5.30* / 100 millilitre)

MalAcetic Spray Conditioner Dog/Cat - 230 Ml
MalAcetic Conditioner for dogs and cats spray combines boric acid and acetic acid with essential fatty acids which moisturise and nourish the skin. Malacetic Conditioner for dogs and cats can also be used for local cleansing of areas.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 230 millilitre (€8.50* / 100 millilitre)

Pyoderm Shampoo - 200 Ml
Cats show pyoderma much less frequently than dogs. This is because cats have a different skin flora than dogs. In dogs, the place where the hairs emerge from the skin is less well sealed than in many other mammals. This is a weak spot in the defence of the skin in dogs. With Virbac's Pyoderm Shampoo, you can take care of your dog's or cat's skin. The shampoo contains chlorhexidine and helps to strengthen the skin's defences.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 200 millilitre (€9.53* / 100 millilitre)

Sebocalm Shampoo - 250 Ml
The active substance is encapsulated in Spherulites. Spherulites are built up layers of micro-balls, which release active ingredients over time, ensuring a most long-lasting action. The ingredient chitonaside has a moisture-regulating effect. This Virbac product can be used as a maintenance shampoo.

Content: 250 millilitre (€7.54* / 100 millilitre)

Sebolitic SIS Shampoo - 200 Ml
When your dog or cat suffers from dry or oily skin (keratosis borrosis), you can use Sebolitic Shampoo. The active ingredients in the shampoo help improve the smell of the skin. In addition, it supports the regulation of sebum production. Sebolitic Shampoo contains so-called spherulites. These microscopic spheres gradually release the active ingredient. As a result, Sebolitic Shampoo has a long-lasting effect. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 200 millilitre (€9.15* / 100 millilitre)