Original PetStep Anthracite
Jumping in and out of a car or boat or onto a grooming table can be particularly stressful for your dog. For both a puppy and an older dog, jumping on and off anything is not advisable. Hip problems are a common phenomenon in older and especially larger dogs. Therefore, the dog walking board is the solution to take your dog with you in the car, boat or caravan in a healthy way.Don't risk injury to yourself and your pet!70-95cm high then choose the PetStep.PetStep is a stable all-plastic walking board for dogs. At the end is a sturdy rubber edge that allows you to easily place the dog walkway against your car, boat or caravan.-This is an automated translation-

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Solvit Pet Safety Seat 1 pcs
This Safety Seat from Happy Ride ensures that you and your dog can safely travel together on the road. This basket can be attached to the rear seat belt. The basket has a carrying capacity of up to 14 kg.-This is an automated translation-

Solvit PupStep
The PupStep is specially designed to offer an easy solution for reaching high places such as the couch, car or bed. The small steps and design are intended for small to medium breed dogs with a weight of up to 32kg. The steps are covered with a non-skid layer and can be folded down for easy storage.Dimensions 61D x 41W x 50H cmWeight: 2,5 kgThe PupStep Plus XL is a higher and wider version of the regular PupStep that is well suited to larger dogs, up to 90kg. It is made of synthetic material, with a non-skid layer on each step and can be folded for easy storage. Dimensions: 71D x 46W x 64H cmWeight: 4.1 kg