Dentisept Toothpaste - 20 Gr
Dentisept Toothpaste is an adhesive paste based on chlorhexidine and is used in the mouth to keep it free of plaque. Besides reducing dental plaque, Dentisept adhesive toothpaste also works to support the recovery of gingivitis and skin fold dermatitis. Dentisept can be applied directly into the oral cavity through the included applicator to easily reach the back gums. The paste is distributed in the dog's or cat's mouth through the tongue. For skin fold inflammations, the paste can be applied gently to the skin with a clean finger.-This is an automated translation-Indications Dentisept toothpast can be used to maintain a normal plaque-free environment in your pet's mouth. It can also aid in the recovery from gingivitis and skin fold dermatitis.

Content: 20 gram (€106.50* / 100 gram)