VeggieDent - >30 Kg - 15 Pieces
VeggieDent FR3SH is a tasty low-calorie dental care chew made of natural plant-based ingredients.VeggieDent FR3SH chews do not contain any animal ingredients and are therefore suitable as a food supplement for dogs with food intolerance due to animal protein. Giving the strips as a treat is a simple way for the dog owner to provide dental care. The patented 'Z' shape provides friction and leaves the dog with clean teeth and fresh breath.The Virbac FR3SH Technology helps to avoid the causes of a bad breath in 3 different ways:Reduces the oral causes of a bad breath. Refreshes the breath with a cooling effect. A bad breath can be caused by gastro-intestinal problems from an imbalance in the intestinal microflora. FR3SH Technology contains a probiotic to support a balanced and healthy gastrointestinal flora..

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