Otimectin Gel - 10 Gr
Ear mites in cats can cause a lot of itching and irritation to the ears. Ear mite is a pinhead-sized, grey-white animal that lives in the cat's ear canal. This itchy little animal is hard to see with the naked eye, even with an otoscope it is sometimes difficult. Ear mites never go away on their own, so treatment is necessary. Especially for treating ear mites in cats, there is AST Farma's Otimectin. The ear gel contains 1 gram of ivermectin as the active ingredient.Special precautions for use in animalsTo carry out the treatment properly, it is important to treat animals that have come into contact with each other as well. All cats in contact with each other should be treated against ear mites. Other sensitive pets, such as dogs and ferrets, that are in contact with treated cats should also be treated with another suitable agent. Please note: Otimenctin is only suitable for treating ear mites in cats. For the treatment of ear mites for dogs, rabbits and other small animals, there is the Clean Ear Ear Cleaner.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 10 gram (€134.50* / 100 gram)