Beaphar Feeding Set 1 pcs
The feeding set from Beaphar helps you bring up newborn and growing pets, such as puppies, kittens or young rabbits and rodents. In addition, the set can be used as a tool for getting sick and convalescent animals to eat. The feeding set consists of a drinking bottle, 6 teats and a cleaning brush.Beaphar has various replacements for mother's milk, suitable for newborn and growing pets, including Beaphar Lactol Puppy Milk, Beaphar Kitty Milk and Beaphar Rodent and Rabbit Milk. These should ideally be used in combination with the feeding set.

Buster Tabletten-Eingeber 1 pcs
The Buster Tablet Introducer is a useful tool for administering medication.

Easypill Dog - 20 Sachets
Many cat and dog owners struggle with the same problem: giving a tablet. Many animals refuse to eat or swallow a tablet because of its shape or taste. The Buster Tablet Introducer can offer a solution, but there is an alternative: Easypill. This putty can mask the shape and taste of the tablet. By wrapping the medication in the putty before giving it to your dog, you increase the chance that your pet will eat and swallow it.

Slime Sucker 1 pcs
This is a test to count-This is an automated translation-

Solvit Carelift Rear Support Harness - Small - Red
Old, injured or disabled dogs sometimes need extra support when walking. Petsafe developed the Carelift for this purpose. The Carelift is a harness that the dog wears around the front and/or hindquarters, which you can then lift up to relieve your dog and support him while walking. You can use this harness for the front only, for the hindquarters only or for the whole body.-This is an automated translation-

Tablet Divider Split 1 pcs
Split Tablet Divider for easily breaking pills or tablets.The Tablet Divider allows you to easily break tablets in half. Inside the lid is a small knife that easily divides the tablets. The tablet divider is made of transparent blue plastic which allows the tablet to be visible.-This is an automated translation-

Thermometer Microlife VT 1831 - 1 pcs
This digital thermometer measures your animal's temperature in just 10 seconds.Measurement range: 32 - 42.9°C . Length 14.5 cm . Waterproof. Measurement method: rectally. Contains a Jumbo Display. Includes memory function and signal tone. Cleaning and disinfection is possible by placing the thermometer in 70% Isopropyl alcohol for 24 hours.-This is an automated translation-