Bene Bac Plus Pet Powder - 450 Gr
In the intestines of all warm-blooded animals, the conversion of food into absorbable nutrients is carried out by bacteria. In healthy animals, we find both benign and harmful bacteria in the intestines. However, the benign bacteria are very sensitive and can suffer heavy losses or even be destroyed due to all kinds of causes (e.g. stress, administration of antibiotics). With Bene-Bac, the required amount of benign bacteria can be achieved in a completely safe manner. Bene-Bac is available in powder and gel variants. The powder variant is given as a supplement between your animal's normal diet. The gel variant you can give to your dear pet straight from the tube. Bene-Bac is also available for other animal species. There is Bene-Bac Plus Small Animal for rabbits and rodents and Bene-Bac Plus Bird & Reptile for birds and reptiles. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 450 gram (€9.71* / 100 gram)

Variants from €8.55*