Flea & Mite Ambient Spray - 400 Ml
The active ingredient Dimeticone, 'coats' (covers) fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae and stops their development (suffocates). Because of this mechanical action, no resistance can occur to the treatment. In addition, Sectolin Flea & Mite can therefore also be used for fleas that are resistant to conventional pesticides.Instantly stops adult fleas jumping.... Works for about 9 weeks against all stages of the flea life cycle.... Prevents hatching of eggs and pupae. Free of pesticide.... Safe for humans and pets.... Environmentally friendly... Odourless, colourless and allergen-free.... Also effective against (house dust) mites and allergens.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 400 millilitre (€5.41* / 100 millilitre)