Critical Care - 141 Gr
Balanced: Fibre percentage exceeds 25%. Tasty: Critical Care from Oxbow is very close to the natural diet of small herbivores, both in flavour and in composition. User-friendly: Easy to mix and administer. Lifesaving: Sometimes animals have difficulty eating food due to dental problems, old age, weaning and surgery. Prevents stress: Critical Care is easily accepted by the animal. Reliable: Used worldwide by professionals.

Content: 141 gram (€19.54* / 100 gram)

Critical Care Fine Grind - 100 Gr
Critical Care Fine Grind® is a recovery food that can be fed to herbivores that cannot or will not eat on their own due to illness, surgery or weakness due to poor nutritional status. Critical Care Fine Grind contains all essential nutrients and is very high in fibre so that it contributes to good digestion and intestinal metabolism. Critical Care Fine Grind can be given both as a tube feeding and normal feeding. You can stop Critical Care when the animal has returned to a good intake of normal food and when it has regained its normal weight and condition.-This is an automated translation-