AA Diarstop Large Dog - 30 Tablets
AA Diarstop is a complementary feed and reduces absorption disorders in acute thin stools and provides a protective layer on the intestinal mucosa, AA Diarstop contributes to normal and natural intestinal function and supports dietary measures. AA Diarstop contains prebiotics.-This is an automated translation-Composition Microcrystalline cellulose, inulin (instant fibrulin), carboxymethylcellulose sodium, magnesium stearate, KCl, NaCl, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate.AdditivesKaolin (E559, binder): 48%, blend of aromatic substances: 5.8%.Analytical constituentsRough fibre 24%, crude fat 3%, crude ash 49%, moisture 4.4%, calcium 0.1%, sodium 2.6%, potassium 0.4%.Calcium 0.4%.

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AA Diarstop Paste - 15 Ml
The Diarstop paste from AA is the ideal product for your dog or cat with limp bowel movements and is convenient to use. The paste helps to thicken stools, protect and soften the intestinal lining and regulate the natural moisture balance. Should you prefer tablets? Then choose tablets.-This is an automated translation-Composition Kaolin (E559, binder), inulin (instant fibrulin), glycerol, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, sodium chloride, magnesium citrate, potassium sorbate (E202), colouring agent brown (E150a), colouring agent red (E124), colouring agent blue (E133), colouring agent brilliant black (E151), activated carbon, purified water. Analytical constituentsRough ash: 28%, water: 38%, sodium: 2.5%, crude protein: 0%, crude fibre: 0%, potassium: 0.1%, crude fat: 0%.

Content: 15 millilitre (€102.00* / 100 millilitre)

AA Laxulon - 125 Ml
AA Laxulon is a liquid complementary feed containing lactulose. This product supports bowel function and helps excrete faeces in dogs and cats. For example, it helps remove or prevent hairballs. -This is an automated translation-Composition Contains per ml of syrup: 667 mg of lactulose.Analytical constituentsRough fibre 0%, crude fat 0%, crude ash 0%, moisture 33%, calcium 0%, sodium 0%, potassium 0%.Analytical constituents

Content: 125 millilitre (€10.40* / 100 millilitre)

AA Vitamine B Complex - 100 Tablets
Vitamin B is essential for the enzymes that regulate the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Having too little vitamin B in the body can cause digestive problems, among other things. AA Vitamin B Complex tablets help regulate vitamin B levels in the body.-This is an automated translation-Composition The tablets of AA Vitamin B Complex consist of: vit B1 100 mg, vit B2 20 mg, vit B6 100 mg, vit B12 0.5 mg, folic acid 10 mg, biotin 10 mg. Excipients: corn starch, cellulose, Na-gluconate, Mg-stearate and yeast as flavouring.Storage conditionsStore AA Vitamin B Complex tablets in a cool and dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date shown on the packaging.

Beaphar Intestinal Cleanser - 200 Gr
Beaphar Intestinal Cleaner is a natural, odourless and tasteless herbal product that promotes bowel function and helps maintain intestinal flora. It binds water and helps normalise thin and hard stool. The fibres in this product cleanse the intestines and prevent irritation of the intestinal wall. The absorption of moisture makes possible masses in the intestines bulkier and softer, making the passing of stool easier. The Intestinal cleanser also promotes the excretion of swallowed hair, preventing hairballs from forming.

Content: 200 gram (€7.83* / 100 gram)

Beaphar Travelfit - 10 Tablets
Beaphar Reisfit for dogs and cats that develop motion sickness as a result of road, air or sea transport causing a disturbance of the balance organ. Animals with travel sickness may feel nauseous, salivate, show agitation or even vomit.-This is an automated translation-

Canikur Pro - 15 Ml
Helps reduce the duration of acute diarrhoea and helps reduce the frequency.. Helps reduce the frequency of antibiotics-related diarrhoea.. Helps the immune system to balance the intestines.. DosageWeightDoseCats1-2ml twice a dayPups and dogs, up to 10kg2ml twice a dayMedium dogs, 11 - 25kg4ml twice a dayLarge dogs, 26 - 40kg6ml twice a dayVery large dogs, more than 40kg8ml twice a day

Content: 15 millilitre (€110.33* / 100 millilitre)

Easypill Smectite Dog - 6 x 28 Gr
Easypill Smectite for cats and dogs is a food supplement containing super fine green clay with a very high absorption capacity (800 m²/g). It supports proper bowel function and stimulates the bowel in case of loose stools.Ideally suited to dogs and cats with loose stools. It prevents dehydration and helps in absorbing moisture from the intestines. The excellent flavour of the formula usually leads to more spontaneous intake (roughly 85% in cats and 90% in dogs). The formula is low calorie and hypoallergenic.There are also normal tablets available for both dogs and cats.

Content: 168 gram (€11.93* / 100 gram)

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Enteroferm Gel - 20 Ml
Enteroferm Gel is a complementary pet food that stabilises intestinal flora and digestion in cases of thin stools caused by food intolerance, disturbed intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment, after deworming, during stress, or nutritional changes.Enteroferm Gel by Fendigo contains high concentrations of Vitamins A and E and Selenium, which help improve natural defences and stimulate early development of the immune system. Enteroferm Gel is palatable to dogs and tends to stick to the palate, so it is not easily spit out. The syringe contains 10 doses of 2 ml and is easy to dose precisely.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 20 millilitre (€85.00* / 100 millilitre)

Enterogelan Paste - 24 Ml
The Virbac paste contains natural ingredients and helps thicken stools. It also contains easily digestible carbohydrates (dextrose) for extra energy, minerals and vitamin B12.The correct amount of vanilla-flavoured paste is easy to administer using the injector. The bottom of the ring indicates the dosage, one dash corresponds to one ml. Usually, administration for one week is sufficient. Very prolonged administration or too high a dosage can cause constipation.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 24 millilitre (€72.92* / 100 millilitre)

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Fidavet Kaodyn Paste - 15 Ml
It is quite normal to find around 400 different types of bacteria in your dog's intestines. They support your dog's digestive system, keeping him in good overall health. It is important to keep the combination of 'good and bad' bacteria in balance, just like in humans. However, there are several factors in your dog's life that can upset this balance such as:Treatment with antibiotics. Changes in diet. Stress (e.g. due to travelling or staying in a kennel). High age. All these factors can contribute to upsetting the balance of microflora in your dog's digestive system.Any of these factors can contribute to upsetting the balance of microflora in your dog's digestive system.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 15 millilitre (€137.00* / 100 millilitre)

Iso-gel - 100 Gr
Iso-gel is a complementary dietary food to support the treatment of acute intestinal absorption disorders in dogs and cats or during the subsequent period. Iso-gel is gluten-free and has no calorific value. It is a natural product so appearance and colour may sometimes vary.-This is an automated translation-Contraindications Do not use in cases of abdominal discomfort, vomiting or intestinal obstructions.

Kaopectate - 480 Ml
Kaopectate is a flavoured suspension of pectin and kaolin. The pure, collodal kaolin possesses absorbent properties for bacteria and toxins as well as decomposition products in the gut. Pectin also has absorbent properties and, together with kaolin, it has a soothing effect on the affected intestinal wall.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 480 millilitre (€4.44* / 100 millilitre)

Laxanorm - 100 Gr
Laxanorm is a dietary supplement with laxative properties, it supports bowel passage in dogs and cats. Laxanorm is used as a laxative for dogs and cats with constipation due to dry and hard stools and when bowel movements are laborious and painful. It is also used as adjunctive treatment for intestinal disorders and digestive problems caused by hairballs in cats. Laxanorm coats the intestinal wall and thus supports intestinal passage through its lubrifying action. It prevents the formation of hard stools in dogs and cats and prevents the formation of hairballs in cats.-This is an automated translation-

Phytonics Clear Intestine - 250 Gr
Phytonics Clear Intestine is a food supplement that supports the intestinal passage. The product relaxes the intestinal wall. Recommended for diarrhoea and constipation, to support the recovery of the intestinal flora.Indications Cats, dogs, ponies and horses.

Content: 250 gram (€13.92* / 100 gram)

Phytonics Detox Comp - 50 Ml
Phytonics Detox Comp is a complementary animal feed containing a balanced composition of both stimulating and constructive raw materials, each of which has its effect on an aspect of a particular excretory organ. In modern times, animals are also burdened daily with many pollutants in both food, water and air.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€53.10* / 100 millilitre)

Phytonics Gastri Comp Dog/Cat - 100 Gr
Phytonics Gastri Comp supports the stomach and digestion and provides appetite stimulation. For use in various indications. Suitable for cat, dog, pony and horse.-This is an automated translation-

Phytonics Gluco Balance Dog/Cat - 100 Gr
Phytonics Gluco Balance Dog Cat can be used in cases of disturbed (sugar) metabolism and/or energy metabolism in dogs and cats. The product is a complementary animal feed that makes the receptors more sensitive to insulin, improving glucose absorption. It also has a regulatory effect on the liver. This organ plays an important role in the (sugar) metabolism.Damage to blood vesselsDamage to blood vessels is also a complication of disturbed glucose metabolism, as too high glucose levels greatly increase the number of reactive oxygen compounds in the blood. Phytonics Gluco Balance therefore contains antioxidants and immune-stimulating ingredients.-This is an automated translation-

Phytonics Liver Comp - 50 Ml
Phytonics Liver Comp supports the cleansing action of the liver. The complementary feed is suitable for dogs, cats, ponies and horses and can be used for various indications.To support liver cleansing.... To support digestion, for proper intestinal passage.... To support the coat... To care for hooves and muscles... To support ligaments and tendons... May positively influence difficult behaviour in mares in heat....-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€53.60* / 100 millilitre)

Phytonics Probiotics Dog/Cat - 50 Gr
The selected strains of bacteria in Phytonics Probiotics have a high tolerance for gastric acid and bile, ensuring a high survival rate in the gastrointestinal tract. The prebiotics (Fructooligosaccharides FOS) in the product form a matrix that supports the growth of the various strains of bacteria.

Content: 50 gram (€52.30* / 100 gram)

Protexin Pro-Fibre Pellets - 500 Gr
Protexin Pro-Fibre pellets contain a combination of a high fibre content with good bacteria and prebiotics, stimulating the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. The good bacteria in Pro-Fibre occur naturally in the intestines of healthy animals.Fibre supplement for everyday use.. Probiotics and prebiotics for healthy intestinal flora..Many modern foods and food methods do not contain sufficient fibre, which can lead to various problems, especially in the intestines. Intestinal problems and eating faeces may indicate a fibre deficiency.Indications Eating grass without vomiting. Eating faeces. Chronic (large intestine) diarrhoea. Gurgly stomach. Morning vomiting. Flatulence. Spastic colon.

Content: 500 gram (€6.56* / 100 gram)

Protexin Synbiotic DC - 50 Capsules
Protexin Synbiotic D-C Capsules are highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic powders, which are good for the intestinal flora for both dogs and cats.Probiotics improve digestion and stimulate resistance. Synbiotic D-C is a food supplement.

Puur Digest - 100 Gr
Pure Digest (formerly Pure Digest) is the ideal supplement if your pet suffers from too thick or too thin stools. Whereas other psyllium-containing products often contain the whole seeds, Pure Digest contains only the sheaths, in which the active ingredients are concentrated. This ensures optimal utilisation of the fibres.Additional dietary supplement. Useful for both thin and thick stools. Suitable for dogs, cats and horses. Rich in fibre. Helps restore intestinal flora.-This is an automated translation-

Puur Parasitus - Dog/Cat - 60 Capsules
Pure Parasitus is a complementary feed which provides good resistance to harmful micro-organisms. In addition, it provides an unattractive intestinal environment. The capsules are suitable for cats and dogs. The powder is suitable for horses and ponies.

Puur Probiotic - Dog/Cat - 50 Gr
Pure Probiotic is a special probiotic for your pet. This supplement contains good intestinal bacteria that help your animal lower acidity. It also contributes to proper food digestion by producing enzymes. Probiotics produce short-chain fatty acids, a very important nutrient for intestinal cells. A good condition of the intestinal cells is needed to prevent all kinds of unwanted micro-organisms from entering the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. Thus, Pure Probiotic contributes to a good intestinal flora.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 gram (€50.60* / 100 gram)

Puur Psyllium - Horse/Pony - 350 Gr
Psyllium is seen as one of the best sources of fibre for pets, which is essential for intestinal function. Psyllium provides softer bowel contents, but is much safer than regular laxatives which may cause the body to lose important nutrients. The psyllium husks expand when they come into contact with water (in the food or in the digestive tract), which forms a sort of gelatinous mass. If a stool is too loose, then the product helps to absorb some of the moisture in order to help create a healthier stool. In case of constipation, the product helps the bowel to contract, providing more volume to the stool. The stool will also become softer so that there is a reduced chance of irritation of the anus.Besides providing a healthier stool, Psyllium may also help related intestinal irritation. Scientific studies show that hairballs in the stomachs of cats (and possibly dogs) can be removed naturally with the aid of Psyllium. Adding Psyllium promotes a healthy bowel function.

Content: 350 gram (€6.59* / 100 gram)

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Puur Stomac - Horse/Pony - 1 Kg
Pure Stomac (formerly Pure Stomach) consists of herbs and minerals for a healthy stomach. The herbs and minerals support the maintenance of normal acidity in the stomach. The supplementary feed relieves the stomach and contributes to a healthy stomach. In addition, it has a positive effect on appetite.-This is an automated translation-

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Zoolac Multipaste - 32 Ml
Zoolac Multipaste is a paste with a unique composition based on clay mineral and yeast cell fragments that helps support digestion. It also supports the intestinal mucosa and the production of good bacteria in the intestines. Contributes to the production of good intestinal bacteria. Supports digestion. Supports the production of a protective layer in the intestinal wall.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 32 millilitre (€84.53* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €20.00*
Zoolac Propaste - 15 Ml
Zoolac Propaste is a paste with probiotics that helps to support digestion. Due to its unique composition, it also supports your pet's intestinal flora.To support the maintenance of healthy intestines. Provides intestinal support during antibiotic use. Contributes to healthy intestinal flora.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 15 millilitre (€113.67* / 100 millilitre)

Zymoral Pancreaspowder - 240 Gr
Zymoral pancreatic powder is a dietary supplement that can be used to support pancreatic problems in dogs and cats. The dietary supplement has a vanilla fragrance.Zymoral can take care of digestive problems caused by pancreatitis because the (natural) enzymes present in it take over the disturbed enzyme production of the affected pancreas.Pancreatitis is a disorder of the pancreas (pancreas) that is subdivided into clinically distinguishable acute and chronic pancreatitis. In dogs, pancreatitis is common. Chronic pancreatitis can result in damage to pancreatic tissue and malfunction and/or cessation of exocrine pancreatic secretion.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 240 gram (€29.17* / 100 gram)

Variants from €45.20*
Zymosan Powder Dog & Cat - 120 Gr
Zymosan Pancreas Powder is a supplement that can help your dog or cat digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It contains digestive enzymes and supports your dog or cat with pancreatic problems.Properties Provides support in cases where digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats is insufficient. Suitable for dogs and cats. Easy to dose through the included measuring spoon.

Content: 120 gram (€37.50* / 100 gram)