Acana First Feast Kitten - 1.8 Kg
This delicious food from Acana will give your kitten the optimal start he or she deserves! The food features fresh free-range chicken and herring. The kitten food contributes to the development of a healthy skin and coat. In addition, the food supports bone development and helps brain development!-This is an automated translation-

Content: 1.8 kilogram (€12.81* / 1 kilogram)

Variants from €11.05*
Beaphar Kitty Milk - 250 Gr
Beaphar Kitty Milk is a full-fledged milk substitute for motherless kittens. Kitty Milk is specially formulated for motherless kittens or kittens that do not drink sufficiently from the mother from birth to weaning. Also suitable as supplementary food for pregnant or lactating mother kittens. Regular milk does not meet the protein and fat needs of young kittens; deficiencies can occur. The familiar composition of Kitty Milk has been further improved to be an even better source of essential nutrients for very young animals. Beaphar Kitten Milk provides the right balance of oils and necessary vitamins and minerals for the best start in life.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 250 gram (€4.98* / 100 gram)

Royal Canin Vet Care Babycat Milk - 300 Gr
Babycat Milk is an excellent alternative to breast milk as it has similar properties with high energy and protein content. The milk is low in lactose (milk sugar) due to problems young kittens have digesting excess lactose. For this reason, cow's milk, which has a high lactose content, is not a suitable option. Contains no starch so that optimal digestibility is achieved: the digestion of starch is limited in newborn kittens because insufficient amylase (enzyme needed for starch digestion) is still formed.... The addition of Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides (FOS) promotes a balanced intestinal flora in the large intestine.... Through the added minerals and vitamins, the milk contributes to the development and proper functioning of the kitten's vital functions (brain, nervous system, eyes, heart, etc.). The combination of vitamin E, taurine and omega-3 fatty acids supports the building of the kittens' immune system....-This is an automated translation-

Content: 300 gram (€8.60* / 100 gram)

Sanimed Kitten - 1.5 Kg
Sanimed Kitten is a complete food for growing kittens.Sanimed Kitten is tailored to meet the high nutrient needs of kittens of all breeds. During this age phase, the growth and creation of new tissues is greatest. This makes the role of nutrition during this phase all the more important. Sanimed Kitten is suitable for kittens from 4 weeks to 12 months. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating mother cats.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 1.5 kilogram (€10.37* / 1 kilogram)

Specific Food Allergy Management FDD-HY - 2 Kg
Specific Food Allergen Management FDD-HY is a hypoallergenic diet for cats. This food fully meets the nutritional needs of cats with food allergies. The food is made on the basis of salmon protein and rice. Highly digestible ingredients have been used in the food. The Specific Food Allergen Management FDD-HY is also very suitable for cats with digestive problems.Look also at Specific Food Allergen Management FDW. This is hypoallergenic wet food for cats.Complete and balanced diet for cats with food allergies. Based on salmon protein and rice. Limited use of ingredients reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Easily digestible ingredients. Contributes to healthy urinary tract. For cats with digestive problems.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 2 kilogram (€16.33* / 1 kilogram)

Specific Food Allergy Management FDW - 7 x 100 Gr
Specific has a special hypoallergenic diet for cats. Specific Food Allergen Management FDW is special wet food that fully meets the needs of cats with food allergies. The base of this food is lamb and rice and light ingredients have been used. Specific Food Allergen Management is also great for cats with a digestive problem.Specific also has Food Allergen Management FDD-HY, which is dry food for cats and kittens with a hypoallergenic diet.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 700 gram (€1.89* / 100 gram)

Specific Kitten FPD/FPW - 7 x 100 Gr
Specific Kitten FPD is special food that is made for the food requirements of kittens between 8 weeks and 12 months old. It is very important to provide kittens with good food for a solid foundation, so they can grow up healthy and happy. The food contains high-quality protein and is also suitable for pregnant or lactating cats. Also have a look at Specific Kitten FPW, this is wet food in paté form for kittens or pregnant and lactating cats.Dry food for kittens or pregnant or lactating cats.. Contains a balanced energy content, vitamins and minerals. Contains fish oils that supports the skin, coat, joints, brains and eyesight. Contributes to the reduction of unpleasant smells. During the lactation period, mother cat and kitten can always eat the same food.Indications Kittens in the growth period of 8 weeks to 12 months old. . Pregnant or lactating cats. . Cats with a decreased appetite. . Cats that are recovering after sickness.Contraindications Cats with decreased energy needs

Content: 700 gram (€1.72* / 100 gram)

Specific Neutered Young FND - 2 Kg
Neutered kittens have lower energy requirements, and a slightly increased risk of developing urinary stones. They need a food with plenty of the nutrients required for growth, but with a reduced energy content to prevent obesity. The food must also be specially formulated to prevent urinary stones. Specific Neutered Young FND is an optimal food specially developed for growing kittens who have been spayed or neutered.Specific Neutered Young FND contains increased protein, vitamin and mineral content to meet the needs of growing kittens. . This food encourages a moderately reduced urinary pH, which, combined with low levels of magnesium and phosphorus, reduces the formation of struvite crystals. This also helps support a healthy urinary tract, growth, and a healthy acid-base balance in young kittens. . DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain development and vision. The combination of EPA and Omega-3 fatty acids supports the development of healthy skin, coat and joints. . Yucca extract reduces the production of malodorous gases and the smell of faeces..

Content: 2 kilogram (€12.83* / 1 kilogram)

Trovet Milk Kms Kitten - 400 Gr
High-quality complete artificial milk powder with high energy and protein content.... Contains a low lactose content and (as a prepared product) is similar to the lactose content of cats' milk.... For motherless kittens and suitable as supplementary feeding of large litters or in case of inadequate cat care....-This is an automated translation-

Content: 400 gram (€5.26* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care Milkocat - 200 Gr
Milkocat is a milk substitute from Vetoquinol Care, which has been specifically formulated for kittens. It has been designed to resemble mother's milk and is supplemented with various vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and minerals (iron, copper and zinc) in order to promote a healthy growth in kittens.Milkocat can serve as a substitute food for motherless kittens or as a food supplement for animals with a low milk supply.Indications Replacement mother's milk for kittens; food supplement for lactating females.

Content: 200 gram (€11.03* / 100 gram)