Adaptil Chews - 30 Pieces
Nothing is more annoying than fear and tension during, for example, fireworks and thunderstorms. But it's also no fun when travelling or visiting the vet. Adaptil's Chews are tasty chewable tablets that you can easily use for anxiety caused by exciting situations.-This is an automated translation-

Adaptil Collar - 70 Cm
Dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety, which may result in them behaving badly: excessive barking, whining, destructiveness, uncleanliness and excessive licking. You can find out more information here on anxiety, stress and unwanted behaviour here.

Content: 70 centimeter (€0.44* / 1 centimeter)

Variants from €27.55*
Adaptil Evaporator - Refill - 48 Ml
All lactating bitches secrete so-called reassuring pheromones (appeasing pheromones), which cause the offspring to be reassured. Research has shown that the reassuring properties of these pheromones persist into adulthood. All Adaptil products (except the tablets) contain an analogue of this natural reassuring dog pheromone.-This is an automated translation-Indications Dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress may exhibit unwanted anxiety and stress-related behaviour. This behaviour can occur due to fear of loud noises (such as thunderstorms or fireworks), a new environment (e.g. moving to a new house), separation anxiety or the presence of a new family member. Puppies and adult dogs may display undesirable behaviour in these situations, such as excessive barking or licking and fouling or destructive behaviour. If these situations sound familiar to you, the Adaptil diffuser may be able to help your dog!

Content: 48 millilitre (€43.85* / 100 millilitre)

Adaptil Spray - Transport - 60 Ml
When puppies are born and begin to drink milk from their mother, natural pheromones are released. Whilst these cannot be detected by humans, these pheromones actually have a calming effect on puppies and they make sure that the puppies feel at ease when their mother is nearby. Research has shown that dogs are also susceptible to these pheromones at a later age, and can also be reassured in a similar way. Adaptil products, except tablets, contain a copy of these pheromones.

Content: 60 millilitre (€46.50* / 100 millilitre)

Beaphar No Stress - Dog - 3 Pipettes
Beaphar No Stress based on valerian has a calming and soothing effect in dogs. No Stress is available as spot-on, collar and tablets so you can choose the variant that best suits the situation and dog. No Stress can be used in situations where the dog barks or whines excessively, at vet visits, during thunderstorms and fireworks. If the product does not reduce stress sufficiently for your dog, it may be advisable to contact your vet.-This is an automated translation-

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Medical Pet Shirt (TOP Shirt) - L
Made to the dog's anatomy.... Multiple application possibilities.... Adjustable body pressure.Easy to use.... Machine washable up to 30 degrees....-This is an automated translation-

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Pet Remedy - Refill - 2 x 40 Ml
The Pet Remedy starter set with vapouriser provides peace and calm in the home. The Pet Remedy Starter Set consists of a vapouriser with refill (40 ml) that works for up to 60 days. This easy-to-use vapouriser works within minutes and covers an area of up to 60 m². The vaporiser is economical to use; it consumes only 5 watts.Specially suitable for dogs, cats, rodents and birds.... Water-based, pH-neutral, safe for fur and skin.... Easy to use and works immediately.... Durable in use...-This is an automated translation-

Content: 80 millilitre (€29.88* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €21.90*
Pet Remedy Spray - 15 Ml
Pet Remedy calming spray contains several natural oils. The spray can be sprayed topically to soothe pets naturally. The spray can be used anytime and anywhere. This product does not contain pheromones.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 15 millilitre (€81.67* / 100 millilitre)

Phytonics Strezz - 50 Ml
Phytonics Strezz helps your pet relax after an operation or accident. The product contains various ingredients that can calm your pet down and thus help with tension. This remedy can also be used to help relax during fireworks. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€63.10* / 100 millilitre)

Puur Nervo - 50 Ml
Puur Nervo can be used to treat anxiety, agitation or stress generated by loud noises. Puur Nervo can also be given as a sedative after surgery and during travel. It is relaxing, but not dulling.

Content: 50 millilitre (€39.30* / 100 millilitre)

Puur Tranquil - Dog/Cat - 75 Gr
Puur Tranquil is a mix of minerals and herbs. Many of these components are known to provide rest and relaxation without drowsiness. This results in less anxiety and stress during training. The dog becomes "more trainable" because its attention is on its owner.Indications Stressful situations, periods of tension, excitement and unrest. Unusual situations such as prolonged transport or air travel, fireworks on New Year's Eve, moving house or loss of family member or friend. Dogs and cats that need to rest for a long period of time due to an illness, injury or surgery. During competition season. Excessive excitable behaviour. Neuritis.

Content: 75 gram (€30.07* / 100 gram)

Royal Canin Calm Diet Dog - 4 Kg
Royal Canin Calm Diet naturally reduces symptoms of stress. Alpha-casozepine has a calming effect due to its stress-regulating property, L-tryptophan has a positive effect on moods such as restlessness, anxiety, sleep and eating behaviour. The special combination of amino acids and vitamins reduces water loss through the skin and strengthens its barrier function. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids support the skin and coat. Dietary fibre combined with easily digestible proteins optimise digestion and intestinal flora. The size and texture of the kibble encourage chewing and Pentasodium Triphosphate limits tartar formation. Royal Canin Calm Diet also takes into account the risk of urinary tract stones in small dogs.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 4 kilogram (€9.50* / 1 kilogram)

Telizen M / L 100 Mg - 30 Tablets
Telizen is a calming food supplement for dogs and cats. It reduces behaviours associated with anxiety and stress, helps relax the animal, and it does so without any side effects (such as drowsiness).Using Virbac Telizen can relax anxious and frightened animals, making the animal more open to learning (such as unlearning fear behaviour). Telizen contains the active ingredient L-theanine (S=50mg, M/L = 100mg).

Variants from €27.25*
Thundershirt Dog Xxs
Thundershirt is a vest for your dog that is quite tight around the dog's body. The pressure provided by the vest creates a relaxing effect in the dog. The Thundershirt is therefore recommended by experts for anxious dogs. It is also very effective in circumstances that make your dog anxious, such as thunderstorms, fireworks or car driving. Often the dog becomes calm already with the first use of the Thundershirt, some dogs need some time to get used to the vest.The Thundershirt provides a gentle, constant pressure on the dog's body. This has a calming effect on the nervous system, it is also used for newborn children (swaddling) and people with anxiety disorders. Thundershirt has proven to be very effective against anxiety in dogs. In a survey of over 1,000 users, more than 85% of dogs were found to be less anxious because of this vest.-This is an automated translation-Indications Fear of thunder. (Extreme) excitement while travelling. Irritability. Separation anxiety. Fear of dog crates. Fear of loud noises. The urge to pull. Barking problems.

Zylkene 225 Mg - 30 Capsules
This product is designed to help cats and dogs during stressful periods and in stressful situations, like being left alone, getting used to a new environment, new people, a new companion, as well as during periods of recovery after medical treatment, milk yield, weaning, holidays, car trips, firework anxiety, or at any other time when their daily routine changes. Zylkene Capsules contains alpha-casozepine, which is derived from milk protein.Indications Constant exposure to stressful situations can cause (permanent) behavioural problems, such as eating disorders or digestive problems, relieving or peeing in the house, anxiety, aggressiveness or stereotypical behaviours (licking, self-mutilation, spinning etc.).

Variants from €24.05*