Vetramil Derma Shampoo - 100 Ml
Vetramil Derma Shampoo is suitable for dogs with an easily irritated skin and a poor coat. The Shampoo contains honey with vegetable antioxidants and enzymes that have a purifying and soothing effect on irritated skin. Aloe Vera nourishes and moisturises. Castor oil is good for the condition of the coat and gives it a lovely gloss. The shampoo is free from parabens and colourings.Aside from the Derma Shampoo, Vetramil also offers other care products. Vetramil Paw Wax helps protect your pet's paw pads. To promote the healing of minor and major skin damage, try Vetramil.

Vetramil Paw Wax - 120 Gr
Extreme weather conditions can cause unpleasant situations for dogs. Ice, salt, snow, hot asphalt and rough surfaces can damage foot pads. The skin can be damaged and painful chapping can occur.Vetramil Paw Wax provides protection for the foot pads. The beeswax in the wax provides a protective layer on the foot pads. The paw wax has a bitter taste that makes dogs less inclined to lick the wax.In addition to Vetramil Paw Wax, Vetramil also has other grooming products. The Vetramil Derma Shampoo is for dogs with easily irritated skin or a bad coat. For support in healing minor and major skin damage, there is Vetramil honey ointment.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 120 gram (€16.00* / 100 gram)

Vetramil Wound Recovery Rinsing Fluid - 250 Ml
Vetramil is a wound ointment based on honey and essential oils. The ointment has basic ingredients which soothe and reduce dry skin. Vetramil contains honey with a very high enzyme content which has a dirt removing effect and quickly cleans irritated wounds. Due to the low pH value, the ointment creates a wound healing environment. The pure, natural essential oils help restore irritated skin and enhance the cleaning effect. You can use Vetramil wound ointment immediately. Vetramil Spray contains honey with a high enzyme content and a low pH. The enzyme glucose-oxidase ensures a moist environment for a slow release of small concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. This cleanses the wound without damaging the fragile skin. The addition of propylene glycol spreads throughout the wound and has a slight drying effect.

Content: 250 millilitre (€10.22* / 100 millilitre)

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