Yarrah Organic Chew Stick With Fish And Meat (Cat) - 5 x 15 Gr
For cats, Yarrah has a tasty snack. The Chew Stick Cat with Fish is 100% organic. The snack consists of as much as 95% organic meat. Also, the snack contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs, this makes the product a healthy and responsible snack for your cat.The Chew Stick comes per 3 in a foil bag and are individually airtight packed. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 75 gram (€12.07* / 100 gram)

Yarrah Organic Mini Snack With Meat (Cat) - 10 x 50 Gr
Yarrah Mini Snack are delicious cat snacks consisting of 97% meat. This snack is suitable for all cat breeds of all ages. Yarrah Mini Snack is grain-free, making it also suitable for cats with wheat intolerance. The natural beef ensures that your cat will also get enough protein through this snack. This substance contributes to healthy skin, hair and are good for your cat's nails and bones. The upright packaging is resealable if required, which means the snacks will keep longer after opening.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 500 gram (€7.39* / 100 gram)

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