Protexin Fibreplex - 15 Ml
Protexin Fibreplex is a food supplement in the form of a tasty paste with high fibre content, combined with probiotics and prebiotics, to support normal intestinal function and digestion in rabbits.This product is extremely suitable for supporting normal digestion in situations where the normal digestive processes in the intestines and bowel movements are compromised. It can also be used to aid recovery after surgery or general anaesthesia, but is also suitable to support normal gastrointestinal function in sick rabbits.

Content: 15 millilitre (€144.00* / 100 millilitre)

Protexin Pro-Fibre Pellets - 500 Gr
Protexin Pro-Fibre pellets contain a combination of a high fibre content with good bacteria and prebiotics, stimulating the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. The good bacteria in Pro-Fibre occur naturally in the intestines of healthy animals.Fibre supplement for everyday use.. Probiotics and prebiotics for healthy intestinal flora..Many modern foods and food methods do not contain sufficient fibre, which can lead to various problems, especially in the intestines. Intestinal problems and eating faeces may indicate a fibre deficiency.Indications Eating grass without vomiting. Eating faeces. Chronic (large intestine) diarrhoea. Gurgly stomach. Morning vomiting. Flatulence. Spastic colon.

Content: 500 gram (€6.56* / 100 gram)

Protexin Synbiotic DC - 50 Capsules
Protexin Synbiotic D-C Capsules are highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic powders, which are good for the intestinal flora for both dogs and cats.Probiotics improve digestion and stimulate resistance. Synbiotic D-C is a food supplement.