Prepusol - 120 Ml
Prepusol cleans and cares for the male dog's preputium (foreskin). Contains chloroxylenol, which has a cleaning and disinfecting effect.Due to its anatomy, the foreskin of the male dog is often a source of infection. Bacteria and fungi have an excellent opportunity to multiply in the warm, moist environment. This often manifests itself as a drop of pus on the foreskin. Apart from the unpleasant appearance, it irritates and causes the dog to lick it. This, in turn, causes further irritation.Both components of Prepusol have a disinfectant effect, so that the foreskin will be cleaned. It also prevents further infection immediately after treatment. We advise to only use this product after consultation with your vet.

Content: 120 millilitre (€11.79* / 100 millilitre)