Kat-a-lax - 56.7 Gr
Cat-a-lax is a hairball dissolving and laxative for treating constipation and problems caused by hairballs in cats.Cats lick their fur clean daily. In the process, they swallow many hairs that can form small hairballs in the stomach. These hairballs are vomited regularly, occasionally clogging the small intestines. The cat's appetite then deteriorates and they no longer produce faeces. Vomiting is another symptom commonly seen. In outdoor cats, this is difficult to detect; they become quieter and especially skinny. A real hairball is caused by a lot of licking, called washing.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 56.7 gram (€28.22* / 100 gram)

Phytonics All Sept - 50 Ml
Phytonics All Sept is a complementary animal feed to be used for reduced resistance and respiratory support. Supports the immune and respiratory systems. Has a relaxing effect. Good for blood pressure.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€58.30* / 100 millilitre)

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Phytonics L-Lysine Comp Dog/Cat - 100 Gr
Your dog or cat's immune system can become weakened for various reasons. It is important to support your pet's weak resistance. L-Lysine Comp from Phytonics can contribute to this through its essential ingredients. L-Lysine is important for tissue growth due to its collagen-forming properties and ability to absorb calcium. Vitamin B6 and Vit C are co-factors for the absorption and intracellular action of L-Lysine. The product is suitable for cats and dogs.-This is an automated translation-

Phytonics Respi Comp - 50 Ml
Phytonics Respi Comp is a complementary animal feed that can provide support for acute and chronic discomfort of the anterior and posterior airways of dog, cat horse and pony. Airway problems can have several underlying causes. Environmental factors play an important role, such as stays in dog/cat boarding kennels and stable management in horses. Respi comp has a cleansing and soothing effect on the airways. To be used in acute and chronic problems of the front and back airways, such as tickling in the throat caused by kennels, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, influenza and hypersensitivity to dust, for example.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€59.60* / 100 millilitre)

Puur Pollen - 50 Ml
Puur Pollen contains dilutions of all common grasses and plants, this extensive and unique composition defends the body against allergies to pollen. Puur Pollen also has a soothing effect on the airways, supports resilience and helps sensitive skin, supporting the body't natural recovery.

Content: 50 millilitre (€36.10* / 100 millilitre)

Puur Sinus - 50 Ml
The complementary animal feed provides respiratory relief and promotes efficient breathing. Pur Sinus contributes to efficient breathing and to breathing more freely through the nose. In addition, it increases the organism's resistance. The liquid supplement is suitable for dogs, cats, horses and ponies.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 50 millilitre (€35.10* / 100 millilitre)

Vetoquinol Care Enisyl-F - 100 Ml
Enisyl-F contains the essential amino acid L-Lysine. People and animals cannot produce L-Lysine for themselves, so it should ideally be included in their diet. L-Lysine is one of the essential amino-acids and has many useful effects. It can help to increase resistance to infection. Proven effects of Enisyl-F include fewer clinical symptoms, reduced viral excretion, less frequent relapse in carriers of FHV-1.