Ophta-Clean - 100 Ml
Ophta-Clean is an eye cleanser for dogs and cats with soothing properties, intended for the cleaning of the eyelids, tear streaks and for the removal of a foreign body.Virbac Ophta-Clean is especially for the peripheral cleaning of the eye and the cleaning of tear streaks. Its acidity is identical to that of the tears of dogs and cats and is not irritating to the eyes. To clean the eyes, moisten the compress or a cloth with the Ophta-Clean solution and swirl around the eye from the inside to the outside with gentle movements. With regular use, cleaning is facilitated and counteracts the drying of tear streaks. To remove a foreign object (e.g. a hair, dust or small insect) flush the object away abundantly by flowing a lot of solution over the eye. You do need to press the vial gently so that too hard a jet does not enter the eye. Further avoid contact of the top of the vial with the eye. Not for oral use. Always consult a vet in case of eye infection or chronic problems. Suitable for puppies and kittens from 3 weeks of age.-This is an automated translation-