Canicox GR - 50 Tablets

Canicox HD - 100 Tablets
Specially for supporting muscle metabolism, there is Nutrilabs Canicox HD. This dietary supplement contains nutrients that contribute to properly functioning joints. In many cases, dogs are exposed to above-average efforts. Think, for example, of extreme sports performance, age-related wear and tear or genetic anatomical underdevelopment. This supplement contains lubricants combined with special plant extracts.-This is an automated translation-Composition Dairy products, methylsulphonylmethane 17.8%, glucosamine (sulphate 2 KCl) 17.8%, meat and animal by-products, chondroitin sulphate 5.9%, eggs and egg products, rice, potato starch, sugar, fish oil 1.18% (source of omega fatty acids), calcium carbonate, vegetable by-products, hyaluronic acid 0.1%.Additions per kgVitamin C 5850 mg, vitamin B6 85 mg, manganese 167 mg, molybdenum 3.98 mg, blend of flavours 3165 mg, vanilla 2700 mg, devil's claw 155 mg, ginger 155 mg.

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