Powerflex AFD - 10 Cm Wide
PowerFlex AFD (Absorbent Foam Dressing) is a flexible bandage for horses.PowerFlex is easy to size by hand, never pinches, does not stick to skin or hair, and stays in place. PowerFlex is stronger than ordinary bandages, but is soft and comfortable enough to be used on horses.Now available. All-in-one absorbent and flexible foam bandage for fast, effective treatment of puncture wounds, abrasions and cuts. The absorbent foam cushion removes fluid from the wound and stays in place, while the wound itself is protected and kept clean. The bandage adapts to the wound and promotes healing, without sticking to the wound.Format: 230 x 10 cm.Colour: black

Powerflex Horse - Green - 10 Cm Wide
Powerflex bandage is an extremely high-quality bandage. The strength, combined with the strong adhesive and thickness make this bandage one of the most widely used bandages worldwide. They are also resistant to rubbing and affordable.Strong, 10 kg traction.. Does not tear, high resistance to wear.. Direct tear, no scissors required.. Water- and sweat- resistant.. Powerflex Horse is 450 cm long and available in various colours. The No Chew variant contains bitter compounds that have been tested and are suitable for use on animals. This prevents the animal from licking or biting the bandage.

Variants from €5.81*