FroliCat Cheese 1 pcs
FroliCat Cheese is an exciting and challenging 'peekaboo' game for your cat. The game is shaped like a block of Swiss Cheese, where a mouse unexpectedly appears on either side. Your cat will enjoy the hunt and thanks to the unexpected movements of the FroliCat Cheese, the animal will stay focused for a long time. Should you not be at home, you can switch on the "play-when-you-aren't-home" mode so that your cat is unexpectedly entertained throughout the day.-This is an automated translation-

FunKitty Egg-Cersizer 1 pcs
The Egg-Cersizer has various difficulty levels which can be adjusted the cat's needs. Open 1, 2 or 3 holes to adjust the difficulty level. The difference between the Egg-Cersizer and other food balls is in the customisation; the Egg-Cersizer can be adjusted on the outside. In short, the Egg-Cersizer is fun and tasty entertainment for your cat. Its instincts are stimulated and trained in a playful way.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Cat - Catnip Spray - 30 Ml
Thanks to the KONG Catnip Spray, playing becomes even more attractive to your cat, the spray contains catnip (catnip) and has a huge appeal to a wide range of cats. The spray will stimulate your cat's natural behaviour and is ideal for use on scratching posts or cat toys. These will become extra attractive to your playing cat thanks to the spray.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 30 millilitre (€33.00* / 100 millilitre)

Kong Cat - Kickeroo - Cuddler - (assorti)
The Kickeroo Cuddler is an interactive toy for your cat. The toy is made of various textures. As a result, the Kickeroo Cuddler allows your cat to sharpen its nails properly. Furthermore, the tail of the toy is made of supple material, allowing the tail to move with it while playing. Your cat is thus challenged while playing. In addition, the smell of the catnip and the rustling sound the toy makes ensure that the cat keeps its attention on the toy. -This is an automated translation-

Kong Cat - Treat - Ball
Tuck a tasty treat into the KONG Cat Treat Ball and watch your cat chase it. An exciting and active toy that will keep your cat moving. Thanks to the ball's unpredictable movements, your cat will stay focused for a long time.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Kitty KONG - Cat
The KONG Kat Kitty KONG is a durable toy for your cat. The toy is made of natural rubber and has the same familiar shape as the KONG Classic for dogs. You can put treats, kibble or catnip in the Kitty KONG. Your cat can then try to get these out. This way, your cat's senses are stimulated. The Kitty KONG also bounces unpredictably; this challenges your cat even more.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Tippin Treat - 1 pcs
KONG Cat - Tippin Treat is a fun interactive toy for your cat. The material of the toy is mixed with catnip. As a result, the toy gives off a lovely scent. The Tippin Treat wiggles back and forth. As the toy has soft feathers at the top, it keeps the cat's attention on the toy. You can also hide treats in the toy.-This is an automated translation-