Vetoquinol Care - Bladder Grit - 120 Gr
Vétoquinol Care's Bladder Struvite Gel (formerly Uro-Pet and Methigel) supports the reduction of repeated struvite stone formation. The gel supports the urinary tract when diet modification is not possible due to a fussy eater or with multiple animals in the house. The palatable gel contains DL-methionine to acidify the dog's or cat's urine. The gel has low magnesium content and uric acidifying properties. The dietary supplement is only suitable for bladder stones consisting of struvite.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 120 gram (€14.08* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care - Energy - 120 Gr
Vetoquinol Care Energy (previously Calo-Pet) is an energy-rich food supplement in the form of a tasty gel supplemented with vitamins and minerals. It helps your pet in the event of a deficiency of specific nutritional ingredients.Vetoquinol Care Energy has a low protein content and high energy content, and therefore provides an adapted energy supply before and after general anaesthesia, among other things. Vetoquinol Care Energy is a tasty food supplement and is readily accepted (even with loss of appetite). At the same time the supplement stimulates the appetite and increases the amount of food consumed. The gel is supplemented with vitamins and minerals.Indications animals that have to deliver top performance.. animals lacking vitamins or minerals.. support after illness or surgery.. preventing conditions associated with a lack of nutritional ingredients.. exhaustion..

Content: 120 gram (€14.21* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care - Hairballs - 120 Gr
Hairballs occur during grooming. Mainly long haired cats and indoor cats are susceptible to the formation of hairballs. The cat licks up the hair while grooming and swallows it. This hair tangles up in the stomach and forms a hairball. After some time the hairballs will irritate the stomach. The hairs that your cat swallows can block the digestive tract. This tasty gel lubricates the ingested hair which makes it easier to pass through the digestive tract.Vetoquinol Care Hairball Care Gel is a food supplement for cats that lubricates hairballs and ensures smooth passage. The tasty gel with fish flavour prevents hairballs and stops the formation of new hairballs by coating individual hairs.Regular use of Vetoquinol Care Hairball Care Gel can prevent your cat from accumulating hair in the digestive tract as the gel prevents the hair from tangling into a hairball.

Content: 120 gram (€14.21* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care Enisyl-F - 100 Ml
Enisyl-F contains the essential amino acid L-Lysine. People and animals cannot produce L-Lysine for themselves, so it should ideally be included in their diet. L-Lysine is one of the essential amino-acids and has many useful effects. It can help to increase resistance to infection. Proven effects of Enisyl-F include fewer clinical symptoms, reduced viral excretion, less frequent relapse in carriers of FHV-1.

Vetoquinol Care Hydrovet - 100 Ml
Hydrovet (formerly Cothivet) by Vetoquinol - wound spray for the treatment of fresh and aged wounds, consisting of all-natural ingredients for dogs and cats.This tincture for external use comes in a convenient 30 or 100 ml atomiser. Hydrovet is particularly recommended to treat: burns, ulcers, wounds that persist due to licking, bedsores, various skin wounds or skin damage and wounds to the anal glands. It helps accelerate wound healing and reduce scar/ connective tissue formation. Contains various natural essential oils, is non-toxic, contains no antibiotics or painkiller. -This is an automated translation-

Variants from €18.50*
Vetoquinol Care Milkocat - 200 Gr
Milkocat is a milk substitute from Vetoquinol Care, which has been specifically formulated for kittens. It has been designed to resemble mother's milk and is supplemented with various vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and minerals (iron, copper and zinc) in order to promote a healthy growth in kittens.Milkocat can serve as a substitute food for motherless kittens or as a food supplement for animals with a low milk supply.Indications Replacement mother's milk for kittens; food supplement for lactating females.

Content: 200 gram (€11.03* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Care Milkodog - 350 Gr
Milkodog is a milk substitute from Vetoquinol Care, specially formulated for puppies. It is formulated to replicate the mother's milk as closely as possible, supplemented with various vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and minerals (iron, copper and zinc), in order to promote healthy growth in puppies.Milkodog can serve as a substitute food for motherless pups or as a food supplement, in case of low milk supply.Indications Replacement of milk in puppies; food supplement for lactating females.

Content: 350 gram (€7.19* / 100 gram)

Vetoquinol Ear Care (Otifree) - 60 Ml
Vétoquinol Ear Care is a mild ear cleaner for dogs and cats. The ear cleaner dissolves dirt and earwax. The cleansing rinse also reduces the number of yeasts, fungi and bacteria in the external ear canal of the dog or cat. Vétoquinol Ear Care also has a caring effect on the ear.Vétoquinol Ear Care does not dry out because of its composition with Calendula. It makes the skin of the ear canal supple and healthy.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 60 millilitre (€23.42* / 100 millilitre)

Vetoquinol Eye Care - 125 Ml
Vetoquinol Eye Care (previously Clytox) is a physiological solution that can be used for daily care in and around the eyes for dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and rodents. The extracts of chamomile, calendula and euphrasia contribute to a soothing and cleansing effect. Regular use of Vetoquinol Eye Care can bring about a reduction in tear stains.

Content: 125 millilitre (€14.24* / 100 millilitre)

Vetoquinol Skin Care Omega 3-6 - 90 Tablets
Skin Care Omega 3-6 from Vetoquinol Care is a food supplement for dogs and cats that supports the needs of skin conditions and excessive hair loss. The combination of Omega 3-6 unsaturated fatty acids in capsules of fish oil and borage oil provides a healthy coat. The capsules may be given daily to ensure the dog or cat retains a glossy, healthy coat. The food supplement with natural oils is also suitable for cats or dogs with a dry or dull coat.