Duodrops - 10 Ml
Duodrops contains the active substances polyvidone and cellulose derivatives which mean that these drops are not too viscous, so the likelihood of irritation of the eye is minimised.Duodrops is a sterile, viscous, pH neutral and isotonic formula which reduces surface tension in the eye. This special liquid is not harmful to the cornea or mucosa (corneal and conjunctival epithelium). Duodrops does not contain anti-calcium agents so it is not harmful to the cell wall structure of sensitive corneas.Indications Keeping the eye moist when the animal's tear ducts do not produce enough liquid on their own.. Moistening the eyes during general anaesthesia (when the eyes are kept open).. As a contact fluid for gonioscopy.. Cleaning the eyes.. The prevention and removal of tear stains..

Content: 10 millilitre (€188.00* / 100 millilitre)