Scalibor Protectorband - Large - 65 cm
The odourless Scalibor Protector Band prevents blood-sucking by sand flies and heartworm mosquitoes and acts as a control and repellent against ticks in dogs. The band also works preventively against (deadly) diseases transmitted by these parasites. The Scalibor Protector Collar works for 5 to 6 months. The collar can be cut to size. It also comes in handy on holidays.The Scalibor Protector Collar is safe for both dogs and humans, but not cats. The collar may also be worn by pregnant bitches and puppies from seven weeks of age. As the collar is waterproof, your dog can walk in the rain with it. Friction of the collar over the skin constantly releases an active substance. This spreads through the upper layer of the skin. Whether your dog is long- or short-haired makes no difference. The band works optimally for about two weeks after being put on.-This is an automated translation-

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