Kong Extreme - Xxl
A black KONG is made of extra-strong rubber making it suitable for dogs that break toys easily. You can't guarantee that a black KONG won't break, but chances are this toy will last longer than any other. Also, the KONG Extreme can be filled with all kinds of food and dog biscuits.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €10.55*
Kong Flyer # Frisbee
This aerodynamic frisbee is easy to throw over a long distance. Raised edges make it easy to pick up the Frisbee. The Flyer Frisbee therefore guarantees lots of fun.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Jumbler - XL - Ball (assortment)
The KONG Jumbler is a 2-in-1 play ball for your dog. The tennis ball on the inside and the squeaker provide plenty of playtime fun. Thanks to the handles, you can easily pick up the ball and shake it. The KONG Jumbler is also suitable for intensive fetch games.Available in two shapes and sizes.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €16.90*
Kong Puppy - L 1 pcs
The KONG Puppy is made of a somewhat softer and flexible rubber which "massages" the gums. As extra relief for sore gums of changing puppies, you can put the filled KONG in the fridge for a while.Specially designed for puppies. Massages gums. Made from legendary natural KONG rubber.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €6.95*
Kong Puppy Traxx - M/L - (assorted Pink&blue)
The mini car tyre from KONG is specially designed to help puppies through the period of chewing and teeth chipping. The KONG Puppy Traxx is made of soft and flexible rubber which "massages" the gums. In addition, the playband can be filled with your pup's snacks.The opening can be filled with your pup's favourite snacks. Made of soft rubber. The KONG Puppy Traxx can be used up to the age of 9 months.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €14.85*
Kong Quest - S - (assorti Geleverd)
The KONG Quest toys offer a new challenge for your dog. The brightly coloured toys are suitable for light to medium chewers and can be filled with a reward. This way, your dog can spend longer with a treat. KONG Quest is also suitable as a fetch toy.KONG Quest is made of a coloured, flexible material. As your dog chews on the toy, its teeth are cleaned.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Safestix - L - (assorted Colours)
The KONG Safestix is a toy for your dog. With three different sizes, the Safestix is suitable for small and large dogs. This toy floats making water games extra fun. Because the KONG Safestix is made of durable plastic, the toy can also be used as a chew toy. The KONG Safestix is available in three sizes and comes in different colours.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €13.20*
Kong Senior - S
As a dog gets older, chewing on toys can become a little more difficult. For this reason, KONG has launched a variant of the KONG Classic for older dogs. KONG Senior is adapted to the aging teeth of the older dog. This toy is made of the characteristic strong natural rubber of the KONG Classic, but softer. This makes it easier for the dog to chew on the toy. Like the KONG Classic, you can fill the KONG Senior with kibble, treats or KONG Easy Treat . KONG Senior is available in three sizes: small, medium and large.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €9.85*
Kong Traxx - M/L 1 pcs
Always wanted a sturdy toy for your dog that's also good for his/her teeth? That's because the KONG Traxx fills this void! This durable rubber toy in the shape of a car tyre is specially designed to enhance the chewing experience. Thereby, the durable natural rubber has a positive effect on dogs' teeth and gums. As the toy is elastic, it can be folded in half by your dog and spring back when released. This ensures that your dog can't get enough of it! Also, this toy is suitable for fetch games.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €14.85*
Kong Wobbler - S
The Wobbler is a toy that is also an upright feeding bowl at the same time. It has the same shape as the KONG Classic but works in a different way. The dog has to keep tapping its paw against the Wobbler to get some kibble out. The Wobbler makes unpredictable movements while doing this, making it a challenge for the dog to get the kibble out. The Wobbler always returns to the same upright position due to its weighted base. The Wobbler is an alternative to normal feeders that helps extend feeding time and your dog gets more exercise immediately.The food is easily placed in the Wobbler by twisting it open.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Wubba - Small - 1 Piece
KONG Wubba is very popular with many dogs. The dog can enjoy playing with it and the largest ball contains a squeaker. The Wubba can be fetched or you can play a tugging game with it.-This is an automated translation-

Kong Wubba Friends - L - Ass. Styles)
Indoors or out; the Wubba Ballistic Friends from KONG are strong toys for your dog. The funny little figures are encased in a layer of durable nylon for extra strength. Each animal features a tail with strings. This allows you to easily pick up the toy and throw it away. Note: Despite its sturdy casing, the KONG Wubba Ballistic Friends are not suitable for long chewing sessions.-This is an automated translation-

Variants from €10.85*
PetSafe Ball Launcher 1 pcs
Fetch, run, play; with the Ball Launcher from Petsafe, your dog will have hours of fun. The automatic ball launcher launches tennis balls up to 10 metres far. You can set the Ball Launcher to 9 different distances ranging from 2 to 10 metres. This means the toy can also be used indoors. For variety in play, the angle at which the ball is launched can be changed. To make sure your dog does not get exhausted, the PetSafe Ball Launcher is equipped with a pause system. After every 15 minutes of play, the ball launcher goes into sleep mode for 15 minutes. The motion sensor makes the Launcher safe to use. Only when your dog is 2 metres from the launcher will a ball be launched. This prevents nasty surprises. The Ball Launcher comes with two tennis balls. You can find balls of this size here. Kong AirDog Squeakair balls size M are suitable for this ball launcher.-This is an automated translation-