Easypill Cat - 30 Sachets
For many people with a cat, it is a familiar problem: giving a tablet. Due to the shape and/or taste, many cats refuse to eat or swallow a tablet. A pill-shooter can be a solution, but there is now something new: Easypill. This is a malleable, doughy substance that allows you to mask the shape and taste of a tablet. By kneading Easpill around a tablet before you give it to your cat, you increase the chances that your pet will want to take the tablet in its mouth and swallow it.-This is an automated translation-

Easypill Dog - 20 Sachets
Many cat and dog owners struggle with the same problem: giving a tablet. Many animals refuse to eat or swallow a tablet because of its shape or taste. The Buster Tablet Introducer can offer a solution, but there is an alternative: Easypill. This putty can mask the shape and taste of the tablet. By wrapping the medication in the putty before giving it to your dog, you increase the chance that your pet will eat and swallow it.

Easypill Hairball Cat - 20 x 2 Gr
Easypill Hairball for cats is a food supplement for cats. It softens the stool, lubricates the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the regurgitation of hairballs in cats.EasyPill Hairball has an excellent flavour and is very appealing to cats. Give an adult cat 2 balls, twice daily, for 3-5 days and provide fresh drinking water. One package contains 20 balls weighing 2 grams each. A package is sufficient for 5 days.

Content: 40 gram (€41.63* / 100 gram)

Easypill Smectite Dog - 6 x 28 Gr
Easypill Smectite for cats and dogs is a food supplement containing super fine green clay with a very high absorption capacity (800 m²/g). It supports proper bowel function and stimulates the bowel in case of loose stools.Ideally suited to dogs and cats with loose stools. It prevents dehydration and helps in absorbing moisture from the intestines. The excellent flavour of the formula usually leads to more spontaneous intake (roughly 85% in cats and 90% in dogs). The formula is low calorie and hypoallergenic.There are also normal tablets available for both dogs and cats.

Content: 168 gram (€11.93* / 100 gram)

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