DermAllay Sensitive Shampoo - 230 Ml
DermAllay Sensitive Shampoo especially for sensitive skin in dogs and cats. DermAllay Sensitive Shampoo is a mild coconut shampoo. Coconut has moisturising (hydrating) properties while providing a fresh scent. With dermAllay sensitive, dirt is effectively removed without drying the skin, leaving an easily brushed soft coat. This mild shampoo is also very suitable for puppies and kittens.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 230 millilitre (€9.04* / 100 millilitre)

Petosan Puppy Toothbrush Set
The Twinhead Toothbrush Puppy by Petosan is easy to use and does not damage gums. This handy toothbrush easily cleans your four-legged friend's teeth due to its twin head. The double head cleans both the inside and outside of the teeth.-This is an automated translation-