Medical Pet Shirt Cat - Red S
Tool for after surgery, for skin diseases, in heat and incontinence. The cat experiences less stress, fear and uncertainty in relation to the collar. Helps prevent the cat from reaching wounds or sensitive areas of the skin. Thanks to the loose fit around the belly, sufficient air reaches the wound and stays dry. The inside of the belly side of the shirt is light blue, making it easier to check for wound fluids. Keeps the cat warm after surgery (due to shaving of the area to be operated on). Comfortable, hygienic and washable at 30 degrees Celsius.-This is an automated translation-

Recovery Suit Cat - Xxs - Grey
The Recovery Suit from Suitical is a bodysuit made from a light, breathable fabric, which is easy to put on and fastens with press studs. For incontinence, an absorbent liner may be added to the Recovery Suit.This suit differs from the Recovery Suit for Dogs, in that the opening at the tail of the Recovery Suit for Cats is larger, so your cat can easily use the litter tray without the suit having to be removed.The Recovery Suit can be used for different purposes:After surgery: By wearing the Recovery Suit, your cat will have less stress, anxiety and insecurity. It is difficult for your cat to reach the wound, but as the suit is not too tight around its belly, it is comfortable and sufficient air can reach the wound, allowing it to dry. The inside of the stomach area is light blue, so that any fluid leakage can easily be seen. Cats often shaved before surgery, which can cause the body temperature to drop. The Recovery Suit will help to keep your cat warm.. For skin disorders: The Recovery Suit protects the skin from injuries caused by scratching and biting.. For incontinence: When your pet wears the Recovery Suit, your house is protected from urine stains. Compared to other similar suits, the probability of the cat being able to remove the Recovery Suit is lower.. It's important to know how to measure your pet properly to ensure that you purchase the right size. The How to determine the right size for my pet article offers insight and tips on the best way to do this!Measure your cat from neck to tail, for an estimate of the size needed. If in doubt, tighter is more preferable than too loose. The following sizes are based on the length between the neck and tail.Recovery Suit SizeLength neck to tailCat sizeXXXS29 - 37 cmKitten or young catXXS33 - 42 cmKitten or young catXS40 - 45 cmAverage catS43 - 51 cmLarge cat*These measurements exclude a potential 10% deviation on textiles.

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