Advantage Dog 100 - 4-10 Kg - 4 Pipettes
Advantage Dog with imidacloprid as active ingredient works preventively and curatively against fleas and biting lice. The product stops fleas biting in 3 to 5 minutes and kills adult fleas within the hour, before they can lay eggs. The fleas present on your dog are all killed within 24 to 48 hours of administration. In addition, Advantage Dog prevents re-infestation. Advantage Dog can also be used to treat biting lice in dogs. A single treatment with Advantage Dog protects your dog against fleas for 4 weeks. Advantage Dog can also be used as part of a strategy to treat flea allergy/dermatitis.Recontamination due to the emergence of new fleas in the environment may persist for six weeks or longer after the start of treatment. More than one treatment may therefore be necessary depending on the amount of fleas in the environment. In cats, Advantage Cat can be used. -This is an automated translation-

Content: 4 millilitre (€586.25* / 100 millilitre)

Advantix 40/200 - Dog < 4 Kg - 4 Pipettes
Advantix with the active ingredients Permethrin and Imidacloprid is a fast-acting agent that kills fleas, ticks and lice. It is also a remedy that repels ticks, sandflies, mosquitoes and stable flies. These parasites can transmit various diseases to your dog. Advantix's repellent reduces this risk. Advantix is a spot-on anti-flea and tick remedy for dogs and is applied with pipettes. Advantix creates the so-called hot foot effect. Ticks that land on the coat of the treated dog react as if they are walking on a hot plate. They have no time to attach themselves and fall to the ground where they die.It is very important to prevent the tick from biting the animal. Ticks are carriers of serious diseases, such as Babesiosis and Lyme disease. As long as they do not attach, they cannot transmit those germs to the host, and your dog and yourself will stay healthy. In fact, ticks can also transmit diseases to you. Ticks already present on the dog should be removed with, for example, a tick hook or tick forceps. Advantix remains effective even after exposure to water. However, it is better not to wash the dog directly after applying the pipette.-This is an automated translation-Contraindications Any ticks already present on the dog must be removed O'Tom Tick hook. Advantix remains active after exposure to water, although it is best not to wash the dog immediately after application.Advantix may not be used with:Cats. Puppies under 7 weeks. Dogs with a body weight below 1.5kg.

Content: 1.6 millilitre (€1,628.13* / 100 millilitre)

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Bolfo Gold Dog 400 - 25-40 Kg - 4 Pipettes
If your dog has fleas, this can cause discomfort in your pet, like severe itching. Bolfo Gold is a flea treatment containing imidacloprid and butylated hydroxytoluene for dogs. This product becomes effective after 24 hours and quickly kills fleas and larvae. Most fleas are killed before they can bite your dog. The protective effect of Bolfo Gold for Dogs will last for three to four weeks.Contraindications Animals with a hypersensitivity to the active substances.. Puppies younger than 8 weeks that are still nursing..

Content: 16 millilitre (€181.56* / 100 millilitre)

Variants from €13.55*
Frontline Combo Puppy 1 pcs
Frontline Combo Puppy comes especially for very young dogs. The Frontline monopipette is tailored to the weight and age of the puppy. Frontline Combo Puppy is suitable for use from eight weeks of age and/or for puppies weighing more than 2 kg. Fleas are killed within 24 hours and ticks after 48 hours after exposure to the product.-This is an automated translation-

Content: 0.67 millilitre (€2,059.70* / 100 millilitre)

Frontline Spray - 100 Ml
With the handy spray bottle, use Frontline Spray on your cat or dog without effort. The remedy is particularly useful for flea and tick control on young pets, from 2 days old. Frontline Spray may also be used on dogs and cats that are older, pregnant or nursing. Spray the spray directly onto your pet's skin. Do put on gloves. For the correct dosage, follow the advice in the leaflet.After administration, Frontline Spray works from 5 weeks to a maximum of 3 months against fleas and up to 1 month against ticks. The duration of action also depends on the infection pressure. -This is an automated translation-

O Tom Tick Hook - 2 Pieces
The O'Tom Tick Twister allows for painless, quick and complete removal of ticks. It is easier to use than other products and, during the removal of the tick, no pressure is exerted on its body so no bacteria get into the skin.